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Our Prices

Our pricing has been carefully calculated to meet the needs of our members. If, after your free trial class, you would like to join then our normal monthly price is £31 per month

A corporate rate is also available at £28 for qualifying members*

Pay as you go classes are also available for £10 per class.

A joining fee of £25 is payable however if you sign up within 24 hours of taking your trial class then this fee is waived.

All of our membership packages allow you to attend an unlimited number of classes per month across any of our parks.

Your monthly fee will be collected via standing order.


Corporate Memberships

We provide two types of corporate memberships, Corporate Rate and Full Corporate Membership.

Corporate Rate is available to  companies or organisations that have 10 or more active members with Scottish Military Fitness.

Full Corporate Membership is available to Individuals associated within the following companies/organisations:

              All members of the emergency services
              All regular serving armed forces and reservists
              All members of the NHS 
              Public Sector ie .gov email address
              Teachers & Lecturers
              All registered Charity Organisations (Full Time)